This October, in the AF3 exam, I might be sitting next to you as the man with the cardigan says turn over the paper and I take another slurp from my coffee.
We’ll be sharing more about that in the coming weeks, as I share with you my thoughts on the October exam.

As well as my annual AF4 and AF3 exam visits, I’ve been on another wonderful learning journey this year; all about learning.

I’ve been studying for a research MSc at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and I need your help.

I am researching cognitive learning behaviours in financial advisers.

Specifically, I am researching learning behaviour in the workplace context and assessing whether high self-regulated learning scores are correlated with higher cognitive learning behaviours in CPD activities.

But, before I undertake a UK-wide survey I am testing a pilot questionnaire/survey.

Your responses will help me construct a more robust and accurate survey, with the aim of ultimately having a better understanding of how financial advisers learn and use CPD activities to develop their learning behaviours.

I can assure you that any and all data collected will be private, confidential and secure. All data collected will be anonymous.

I’d really appreciate if you have 5mins to help me with this pilot.

Thank you for taking the time in filling out this survey, it is much appreciated. I know how valuable your time is. Initially, during the pilot, I am only looking for a small number of responses. But, I will be undertaking an extensive UK-wide survey during September/October when everyone will get a chance to complete the survey and help benchmark cognitive behaviours within the financial adviser community. I’ll be telling you more about that in due course.

Here is the link:

Thank you very much for reading and taking part.
It is very much appreciated.

I will be sharing the full results with you during 2016.