Your study module on the new pension flexibility rules post-6 April 2015 has been updated.

Your comprehensive set of essential and in-depth technical notes on the new pension flexibility rules compiled from 100’s of hours of research and working with the pension best brains in the UK have been updated in preparation of the new rules on 6 April.

It has been updated (11 March 2015) with the most up-to-date understanding of the rules, as they apply; watch out for more updates, as the months progress.

The essential learning is narrated with the help of video explanations and video tutorials, to get you to know the detail very quickly. There are also case study questions and model answers to test your knowledge, understanding, and most importantly, application of the new rules.

You may also have read that the CII are bringing out a new ‘Pension Bridging’ exam covering these key changes.

These notes and learning support will be developed to make sure that they support the R08 exam and provide you the learning support to enable you to sit the exam successfully. We’ll issue more on that as we progress toward July 2015 and hear more from the CII. The CISI are also bringing out a new pension exam and we’ll keep you informed on that as it progresses.

As a subscriber for the pension flexibility module, please download the new and updated notes anytime from now.

Here’s what is included in your modules (as of March 2015) and updated throughout your 12 months membership (from date of purchase):

  • Essential technical notes: 36+ pages of comprehensive reference documents
  • Summary key notes
  • Video narration and explanations
  • Short case studies Q&A
  • 6hrs structured CPD
  • 12 months membership fully updated throughout
  • ‘Ask the expert’ support forum

If you’d like to subscribe for this support:

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