Firstly, can I just say thank you.

Thank you for your patience and feedback this week.
Your feedback is very important to us. Please keep it coming, it helps us snag every detail on the new site.

How do you get the best out of the new structure?

1. Module
You’ll get an overview of the module subject(s) in the module page.
This will tell you what is going on and what topics/subjects to expect to be learning about.

You can’t complete the module, before firstly completing any topics within the module.
Once you complete the topics, you can mark complete the module….and your progress bar will turn green; one-module-at-a-time.

You’ll probably even see a quiz associated with your module.
I’d definitely be reading up on the topics before trying the quiz, because you can’t complete the module, until you complete the quiz at the required grade.

I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it as time progresses, but you can see how they are inter-related. It starts from the topics and works back to the module.

The best way to tackle your learning?
*Browse your study notes quickly and then go to the video tutorials annotating your notes as you watch the videos: repeat as necessary.

2. Tackling the Topics
Do one topic/subject at a time – one per day? Then MARK COMPLETE AFTER EACH TOPIC/EACH DAY.
(Where you see a MARK COMPLETE box, then tick/complete it as you progress through).

In each topic/subject, browse the study notes and then watch the video tutorials; watch (the video tutorials) and check your understanding (study notes) each time you are studying a topic. Take your own notes as you are watching the video tutorials. Keep doing that until you are happy and understand the concept for each topic/subject.

Then consolidate that by doing the weekly workbook Q&A.
This is important – this is an open-book Q&A. This establishes what you have understood and have got an understanding of the key concepts.

Use the workbook open book first – and then try the questions closed book.
This is about testing your new learning in a nice safe way, at your own pace, in your own time.

Your quiz is like sitting an RO exam every week.
They are not easy. Make no mistake – these quizzes are testing whether you have the core knowledge and core data at your finger tips. These quizzes are testing your memory. Your long term memory and your ability to use your brain to search for the necessary data to allow you to then use it to problem-solve.

If you can’t search and find and compute the basic raw data, then your chances of success at AF level are limited.
These quizzes are testing your ability to compute data.

But, you are now operating at a higher level.
You are operating at ‘expert’ level – level 6; you are required to be operating two levels up from the quiz.

These quiz questions, the essential data/knowledge, is the bedrock of any successful level 6 campaign; before you can solve any case study problems, you must be able to compute/search in your own head for accurate knowledge, compute the understanding and then apply it in the case study.

The AF exam is closed-book. The only computer you’ll have is in your head and it needs to be good. It needs to be quick, accurate and complete.
The quizzes help test whether you are at that standard.

It is an R0 exam every week.

4. Do your written assignment and upload at the end of the week.
The whole week is geared toward this final point. This is the level 6 space. This is taking all your knowledge and understanding and is asking whether you can apply the knowledge and understanding into a complex case study.

This is what the whole week is all about.
This is what the exam is all about.

This is the part that most students do not leave enough time to practice.

This ability to apply your knowledge confidently, UNDER TIME PRESSURE, is what will ensure a pass in an AF exam.

I will mark and feedback on a selection of papers each week.
Not everyone will get feedback. That is impossible. BUT, I will produce both a written model answer and a video tutorial outlining the answer, which you can assess.

Those papers I do mark, feedback will be sent to the individuals.

In your structured study plan, when you upload your assignment, you are automatically given 2 hrs CPD and the topic is automatically marked complete.

5. And finally, you should MARK COMPLETE all your topics and/or your module.
Your shinny new digital CPD badges will be added to your ‘my achievements’ box (and your user profile), with a link through to learning outcomes and learning objectives, which are ideal for filing in your SPS. Not only that, I will be able to keep an eye on your progress…..and will email you every Tuesday to remind you what we should be studying, how you are getting on and how it is progressing.

You have something to do every day.
Your learning is spread across reading, watching and listening.

You are asked to demonstrate knowledge and understanding in the quizzes and workbook.
And, finally, demonstrate your ability to problem-solve in the case study assignment.

That’s how it all fits together.

I’ll be saying a bit more about how all this is tracked for each student and how the study is aimed at making you an expert problem-solver later in the week.

Have a great week.
Thank you for your patience and good luck with this week’s study.

EP team.