Love it or hate it learning is part of how we develop, grow and progress. Almost everything we do will be as a result of learning something.

What are your past memories of learning – do you associate learning with a positive or negative experience?

This can ultimately have an impact on how you view learning now. Do you start a new study package with a feeling of dread or are you looking forward to the challenge knowing that you are well on your way to becoming Captain Invincible as you add another well-deserved qualification or skill to your portfolio.

In order to make learning a positive experience we need to help you get into the right mindset and make that positive connection as to why this learning is beneficial to YOU.

So lets try it:

  • A new experience can help your brain release those all important dopamine (feel good) chemicals
  • Death by boredom is a reality – Researchers at University College London followed roughly 7,500 civil servants for more than 20 years and found that those who reported high levels of boredom early on were more than twice as likely to die of heart disease – so learning something new is going to keep boredom and heart disease(!) at bay
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t pass first time – failure is also an important part of building up your resilience – ok so it didn’t go that well the first time round but it will be better next time
  • Make the learning meaningful to you and associate it with all the good things that will come when you have mastered this new skill or passed that exam – there’s no better feeling than when someone is looking for that solution and YOU can provide them with the answer
  • Put a plan in place – plan ahead and manage your time. By scheduling your studying, prioritising your time, and creating a study timetable into small manageable bite sized chunks you can already visualise your end goal. So go forth – create and write down your realistic study goals. Study SMART : Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. We have started this for you by breaking down the studying into a structured week by week timetable – so no excuses
  • Don’t look at studying with a negative approach – start with the positives, make it enjoyable and meaningful and most of all give yourself a high five for taking that first step to achieving something good

Our study plans are about to kick off with AF1 starting w/c 9th July 2018. AF7 and AF4 w/c 15th July 2018 and AF5 w/c 23rd July 2018.

Smile – something good is about to happen…………………………………….