It’s free, It’s good and you don’t want to miss it!! Our aim  is to treat all of our students as individuals by providing a blended online learning package designed to engage and guide you towards success.  Our Experts are here to coach and mentor you towards a successful outcome.  We build a strong foundation, a starting point to help you be more organised, manage your time and develop/practice those all important study habits/techniques.

    • To get ahead of the game you need you need to stay ahead of the game – success comes down to being organised, prepared, starting strong and remaining consistent.
    • Plan your future – Planning ahead will allow time for the most important detail, your future.  It’s important to take the time and look at all the possible outcomes.  You have to commit to the goal and know how to handle any setbacks.  If you plan, practice and commit YOU can make your future career goals happen.
    • Start now – by making that commitment now and having your time structured  and planned for you  enables you to coast to the finish line with less stress than starting slow and then agonising over how to fit all that studying into a short space of time.
    • Be realistic – we all know that there is a balance between family, work, leisure and ‘life stuff’.  That’s why we give you 12 months access to our study materials.  Yes, two exam sessions are covered in our AF7, AF4 and AF1 study programmes.

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Our Team are Experts in their field and each one of us brings a unique set of skills, knowledge and attributes that we are going to share with you.  Let’s do this!