The AF8  exam is demanding: it’s all about how to actively and skilfully analyse and apply your knowledge into a client case study. You need the ability to actively analyse, evaluate and apply information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning or communication with your clients.

You know that our world of work is changing at an ever-increasing pace and everyone is looking for the best study methods, best way to learn or the quickest way to pass: “How do I get better and do it quicker?”

But, be careful: the AF8 exam is not an easy option and is not an option you can rush into.

It requires to you think slowly. It requires you to think and intellectually critically analyse a client case.

Decision making and problem solving requires you to gather reliable information, evaluating the information for a variety of solutions and selecting the most appropriate option based on the criteria and situation.  This AF8 exam is not an easy option.

You must demonstrate problem-solving skills and actively demonstrate an understanding of critical thinking – which takes time. You must think slowly and think critically in the context of your client case study.

That can be difficult to master in a world which wants instant solutions.

Of course, we are in the knowledge business. Thinking is the core of our being. It’s the core of our professional existence: deeper thinking leads to deeper advice for our clients: advice which has been demonstrated to have been thought through slowly, deliberately and critically.

In the AF8 Retirement Planning exam you are expected to compare different outcomes. You analyse, dissect and make informed judgement based on different models.

Read a book once and you will probably have a shallow understanding. Read a book multiple times, take notes, summarise concepts, and guess what, you understand the ideas deeply.

A shallow thinker solves one problem with one known solution whilst a deep thinker approaches multiple problems from different angles and AF8 requires you think deeper and think critically in delivering the appropriate advice for the client.

The AF8 Retirement planning exam is about developing and demonstrating your ability to break down complex tasks into bite size chunks, improvise, and shift strategies to meet different types of advice challenges – and we will provide you with the best (and only) guidance available for AF8 exam students.  We will show you how to:

  • How to structure an essay: we show you how to do that;
  • How to critically evaluate a situation: we demonstrate to you how that should look;
  • How to evaluate and demonstrate a logical conclusion: we show you, using real examples, using a real case study how to develop your critical thinking skills.

If you are beginning your AF8 journey and this is your starting point, then it may well be the first time you’ve been taught anything about critically evaluating appropriate advice.  This course has been designed with you in mind and is essential to guide you through to exam success:

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