The iFS AwPETR June exam 2016 is something you’ll need to register for very quickly.

The closing date is 5 February 2016

If you register with the iFS before 5 February, you can register for the AwPETR June 2016 exam.
That will give you a chance to follow the iFS route toward the AwPETR which also is recognised as a qualification meeting standards suggest for the regulatory CF30 acting as a pension transfer specialist (PTS). You will be very aware of the significance of that; the AF3 does a similar job.

But, the AF3 exam is a different beast.
The iFS exam is (almost) purely focused on transfers and also has an element of coursework.

Depending on your learning style and ambitions, this could be something worth considering?

If it is, then please take a look here at the additional support we offer alongside the support you get from the iFS tutor on your course.
If you’d like to discuss it further, then please drop me a line.

If you’d like to sign up – then please take a look here and click:

Or sign-up here:

iFS AwPETR Exam Revision Workshop Dates/Venues/Prices: Milton Keynes:
FULLY VAT inclusive

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Wishing you good luck with everything and a good pass in the exam!
You can view how our online study support works by clicking on this video link:

All the best and have a great week.