Financial maths and investment calculations don’t come easy to a lot of folks.
For a lot of people, investment calculations would look a lot better upside down. Easier to read.

In the AF4 investment planning exam, financial maths and investment calculations are mandatory. You can’t do this exam without knowing your numbers.
It’s a vital and necessary part of the AF4 syllabus and exam.

But, you won’t get far by memorising a few formulae.
In the AF4 exam, you need to know, understand and apply the formulae; you need to be able to evaluate and analyse investment performance.

You need to be able to use the formulae to evaluate how an investment is performing.
That investment could be orange sweets or farmers fruit boxes. There are few basic calculations needed to enable the investment analysis to be done.

We can help you understand these calculations in the AF4 exam.
The good news is that our full AF4 structured study support for the 2015/16 exam year will be completed and ready for 30 June AND Module 1: Financial maths and investment calculations is ready NOW. You can get started on your AF4 studies right now, whilst we finish the full structured study plan to be ready on 30 June.

Designed to cut through to what really matters in AF4 financial maths and investment calculations; essential study notes, video tutorials, case study workbook with model Q&A and intelligent quiz. All to help you to learn as quick as possible, save time and ease you through the AF4 financial calculations. Road test it for yourself before 30 June.

Additional support for AF3 structured study plan members during 2015/16

LIVE weekly Q&A

Integral and part of the structured study support plan for AF4 will be the opportunity to join weekly LIVE Q&A. This is completely NEW and additional for the 2015/16 exam season. It’s part of our structured study plan support and its fully-included in your plan for 2015/16: structured study plan subscribers only:

This is a weekly series of LIVE tutorial teaching Q&A sessions hosted and delivered by John Reynolds. Every week we’ll cover the specific subject being studied as part of our structured study plan for AF4: it’s your chance to quiz John directly and ask any questions about your weekly studies. It’s LIVE, it’s topical and it’s another integral part of your structured study plan for the AF4 exam.

Kick Start your AF4

Are you thinking about doing the AF4 exam but don’t know where to start?
If you are a member of our structured study plan, you’ve a chance to register on our Kick start day. It’ll get you off to a flier.

This 1 day workshop is designed to help kick-start your study in the right direction and get you off to a flier. I’ll explain how to get the best from your study plan and explain the key modules where 80% of the marks are to be gained. It’s designed to help you get the best from your structured study plan.

For the rest of this week I shall be making some high-risk investments.
I’ve done my research. I’ve done all the analysis and evaluations. I’ve worked out all the permutations, looked at the time-weighted historical data and found the future winning investments.

I’m off to Royal Ascot for a few days.
Have a great week.