What’s the best way to revise for an exam?

How to study effectively. Different students swear by different approaches, but in order to pass you need to prepare.

It’s never too early to do the ground work and find out how much work you have to cover.  How much time do you have available between now and the exams and try to concentrate on your weaknesses without losing sight of your strong points.  Sounds easy doesn’t it? These exams aren’t going to be a walk in the park… but you know that already.

What’s the best way forward?

The most effective way to study effectively is to focus on understanding rather than memorising.  Why?  Because this method will develop understanding, which then enables you to remember information accurately through retrieval practice.  Nothing cements long-term learning as powerfully as retrieval practice.

How can we help?

With our study resources in order to help students learn it better, instead of just reviewing the content, we mix it up with a quiz, practice papers or a video tutorial.   In other words, if we do more by asking our students to pull the information out from their brains, rather than continually trying to put the information in, this blended approach helps to retain and retrieve the concepts much easier.  We encourage our students to get ‘doing the doing’.

So don’t put off your revision or find excuses to do other things or worst still leave everything until the last minute. It’s a bit of a no-brainer; if you approach your exam revision in an organised manner, you’re more likely to smash it and get that all important pass.  Approach your revision responsibly – act now, no excuses!

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