What Can I Expect?

The R06 exam is based on case studies that are issued 2 weeks before the exam and you will be tested on fact finding, analysis, making recommendations and review meetings allowing pre-exam preparation to be completed.  It is a three-hour written paper.

The case studies will give you the client’s circumstances and our analysis will help you with the more technically demanding areas in advance of the exam.  We focus on the right material, we review possible exam questions/model answers and our Expert will develop and deliver the key concepts needed to pass your exam.

What next?

Once you have the case studies in front of you, do more than just read it. Take the time to fully understand what you might be tested on.  Get to know your clients.

Our analysis will then help you to formulate a big-picture idea of what your R06 exam will look like. Most importantly, if you see something on the case study or the analysis that you aren’t familiar with, post your question in the forum.  Chances are, you may not be the only one with a similar question. By posting your question our Expert or your peers can either benefit from or provide additional insight into that specific concept.

How will your analysis help me to pass?

Similar to how an exam paper is created, our Experts review past exam papers and possible exam questions and model answers to develop a list of key concepts that could then appear as part of your exam.

The resulting analysis will explain key concepts and how you need to apply your knowledge on the test paper.    We make sure you understand the possible questions that might be asked and that you can apply these to maximise points against the CII marking criteria.

We always encourage our students to get ‘doing the doing’ before ANY exam or test.  You must practice key question- answering techniques to ensure you maximise your marks.

A few top tips

  • Each financial aim should be considered carefully
  • Keep up to date with any relatively new legislation or products
  • Unless it is clearly a generic question (e.g. on general planning process) always relate your answers to the case studies
  • There is no set order for answering questions. Generally, it is advisable to start with the questions you feel most comfortable with and this allows you to pick up marks and make a confident start
  • State the obvious! Make the points as you would for a client
  • Show calculations in full. A single mistake might result in a wrong answer but it is still possible to gain marks if the format and other parts of the calculation are correct
  • Where you use a technical term, always fully explain it
  • Where you are making recommendations, ensure that you set out all features including advantages and disadvantages

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