The Evolution and future of online exams

Many experts believe online learning is the future of education. As technology becomes more widely available, an increasing number of students will gain access to the kind of knowledge that can vastly improve their career prospects and keep them moving forwards towards their goals.  By embracing new procedures of online testing it is proving to be far more convenient, reliable and time saving.  With progressive technology online testing is likely to be here for the long term.

What are the benefits of online testing?

Candidates can work on a computer in a way they are familiar with, rather than using pen and paper.   It can be hard to switch back to using pen and paper when you are used to working digitally, so no issues with handwriting and it can be very tiring over long periods.  It reduces the time consuming and cost implications of printing and circulating exam papers.  Marking and moderating exam results can become more streamlined, secure and standardised when it is managed online.  Examining bodies can offer exams to candidates located over greater geographical areas, as they are not restricted to offering exams in physical exam test centres.  Remote invigilation will allow candidates the ability to sit a secure and invigilated exam from the comfort of their home, which is less stressful, and saves time and money going to a test centre.  When you run assessments online, it is easier to adapt those assessments for candidates who have disabilities, such as changing font size, background colour and it is also easier to add extra time for those candidates who need it.

The right move at the right time?

Online courses and exams will change the landscape of online learning.  Increased expectations around ease of access and the user experience are here to stay.  This is not new for us.  This is what we do.  We recognise that no two people are the same, and that there are several key aspects of online learning that we incorporate into our study resources that explain why our online study products have become such a popular and valued way to study.  By providing totally accessible and flexible study resources allowing you to study when, where and how it suits you.

CII Exam Update News

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