Been watching the Olympics this summer?

I was reading this: click here to read the whole article
”….then there is the lateral thinking of Danny Kerry, performance director to the Great Britain women’s hockey team that won gold in such spectacular fashion on Friday.

“Everyone puts a lot of time into the physiological effects of hockey, but what we’ve done in this Olympic cycle is put our players in an extremely fatigued state, and then ask them to think very hard at the same time,” Kerry told BBC Sport.

“We call that Thinking Thursday – forcing them to consistently make excellent decisions under that fatigue. We’ve done that every Thursday for a year.”

Britain won that gold on a penalty shootout, standing firm as their Dutch opponents, clear favourites for gold, missed every one of their four attempts.

We are going to be heading into count down soon, that’s when we do real exam practice.
We’ve finished the learning, the reading the watching.

The business end of the 12 weeks is now here:

Mock exam papers issued here tomorrow morning @9.30am
Dress-rehearsal number 1

As you know there are two parts to this exam:

a. Knowledge and understanding
b. Application and practice of skills in answering case study questions – including critical evaluation

This is all about the second and most important part.

Stop reading.
Start doing.