Are you looking for the secret sauce for success in the AF exams to get to Chartered Financial Planner status?

I’m afraid it’s not here – there is no secret: it’s ALL about doing the doing…

There are three things which have a direct impact on your exam success:

Use the video tutorials to help you learn more effectively: watching and listening is MUCH more effective than just reading. It’ll save you a lot of time.
Study smart: use pictures.
It’s the visuals and the detail on the visual that makes the learning so much quicker and easier. Draw the pictures. Join it up.


Use the quiz questions to test your recall of key facts and information needed to solve problems: you MUST continually test yourself.
Yes, that takes time with the right material
Have you got an hour a day to become Chartered?


Practicing your ability to apply your knowledge into an exam-style question every week
There is no secret: it’s ALL about doing the doing. The doing the doing means applying your learning; do you know much credit is given in AF exams for application of knowledge and demonstration of deep understanding? It could be 60% of the marks….


Those three things decide whether you pass or fail
We start our journey toward April on Monday 8 January; pick up your books and come join us and be part of the pass in April

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8th January is where it all starts : AF3 students we will be starting with the Pensions Contributions and Annual Allowance Module and our AF1 students you will be starting with the Income Tax Module….