The results are well and truly in and having done some preliminary investigations, it’s clear that there is a HUGELY positive correlation with COMPLETING our structured study plans and passing the exams: it could be greater than 80% correlation and that’s massive.

It builds on the research done by Expert Pensions and Manchester Metropolitan University throughout 2017. There is a correlation between success and activity – Planning is key for success, and good studying always begins with good organisation. Follow our plans right from the beginning through to the end (that means week by week commitment) so that you can be that exam champion.

We are telling you this NOW so that you can join us from Day 1 of studying. The big mistake many students make is not practising the things they will be tested on. For example if your exam involves writing an essay, you need to practise essay-writing. Simply memorising the material is not enough. You need to blend the way you learn in some way – whether that is reading your notes, relating what you are reading to real life examples, watching video tutorials or practising writing answers.  This type of studying is called “depth of processing” and is a sure-fire way to ensure the knowledge/techniques get lodged in your memory.

Writing exam answers is a skill, just like playing a sport is a skill. You wouldn’t try and improve at sport by trying to memorise moves, you’d practise making them.

Other research confirms that practising retrieving information is one of the best ways to ensure you remember it.
Doing the doing is the secret!

Passes are more likely to be achieved by those completing the course: It’s a no brainer…..come and join us in January and you will get the all support you need exactly when you need it!