I hope you are looking forward to a guilt-free weekend ​in ​the spring sunshine​​?
Did you do yourself justice this week?

It’s been another interesting exam term and we’ve learnt that it’s getting tougher​.​
​A useful reminder that chartered means something special.

​We learnt that 1 day workshops don’t work for AF4.
No more of those.

And we’ve decided to launch a 5 day AF3 course in preparation for the October exam.
More of that in the coming weeks.

​We​ know 1 day workshops for AF5 do work.
​We were delighted with our ”90%” coverage in our financial planning analysis this time around. A great team effort. ​​

We’re off now to prepare for next year; new and updated study notes, more videos (with a new video library) and lots more workshops, including our corporate options.
You’ll forgive us for having a few days off to recover from the exam madness before we start!

Meantime, I wonder if you could let ​us​ know what you thought ​of ​us by answering ​a ​single question and scoring it between 1 (definitely NOT) and 10 (definitely YES)


Thank you​ again​ and good luck​ on 12 June.​
We really do appreciate your continued support​ and we look forward to supporting your learning for years to come.

All the very, very best​.​

John, Linda, Anne, Dave, Cris and Kath.