R02 Investment Principles and Risk

The aim of the CII’s R02 Investment Principles and Risk exam is to develop your understanding of investment products and how to apply the investment advice process. This is a multiple-choice exam. There are 100 questions, 34 of which are multiple response questions. You get 2 hours to complete this exam and must achieve at least 65% to  pass this exam. On completion of this exam you will be awarded 20 diploma credits. We have put together a comprehensive structured study plan designed to support you through the exam.

Everyone has their own preferred way of learning, so our R02 Investment Principles and Risk study plan is tailored to your individual needs, we manage your time so that you can choose your route and destination.  Learning and development for us isn’t just an afterthought – It’s at the heart of everything we do.

We use our combined years of experience and knowledge to provide you with the very best study resources. If you want to give yourself the best chance of exam success and maybe have a little bit of fun along the way too – then come and join us and we’ll help you to stay confident and supported in your studies.

Our study plans have many unique elements:

  • We firmly believe in understanding, learning and practice in context;
  • Covering all the important facts
  • We believe learning is a life-long process that is never fully completed
  • Connecting with you
  • Making learning fun!

Level 4 Exams

Our Structured Study plan includes:

    • Full essential study notes
    • Video tutorials to explain and bring your study to life
    • Online quizzes to check understanding
    • Mock exam questions
    • Forum access to ‘ask the expert’ and interact with fellow students
    • Auto-generated CPD certificates
    • 12 months access

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