Changes, Challenges and Commitment

The Covid 19 crisis made us all think very differently about how we approached our everyday lives and this year was certainly a  ‘game changer’ as far as sitting exams was concerned.  As awarding bodies moved from written assessments to remote invigilation, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the hard work and determination of those students who stuck with it and embraced the changes that were thrust upon them.

We always knew that the June 2020 exam session was going to be a quieter affair with less people taking the plunge BUT we have to say a massive congratulations to all of our students who pulled it out of the bag this time round and gave us some AMAZING results to shout about:

AF1 – 96% Expert Pensions pass rate (CII 49%)

AF5 – 80% Expert Pensions pass rate (CII 57%)

AF7 – 60% Expert Pensions pass rate (CII 43%)

Congratulations once again to everyone who took part and thank you to all of our wonderful students for trusting us to help them on the way. Remember whatever the result just taking these exams teaches us a lot more than just the exam result itself.

Best of luck to everyone who is sitting an exam in October and we will be keeping our fingers crossed for more outstanding results from our students.

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