Question 6 in the AF7 April 2019 exam asked you to identify the relevant factors when considering the appropriateness of Simon transferring his defined benefit pension scheme.

This question asked you to do three things:

  1. Understand the list of factors which could be relevant for APTA (your EPL Structured study notes)
  2. Understand/read the case study which specifically involved Simon (give in the exam)
  3. Apply a) into b)

This question was about using your knowledge and applying it in the exam (under time pressure). For example, you could have identified that he had a reduced life expectancy/poor health status for 1 mark…and therefore, he may be eligible for an impaired life annuity (on transfer) for another mark (which was 2 marks in total, from maximum 12 marks available).

Listing ‘fact find’ style answers was not what the question asked for.

Lists don’t really work in AF7.

The question specifically asked candidates to use the information in the case study.

The AF7 case studies will test your ability to apply your learning.

These case studies are application-based and the examiner is looking for candidates (you) to apply their knowledge to the case study.

They are suggesting that this is in a similar way to how they (you) would do so, if you were advising them…

There will be substantial and significant marks for application of learning in the Af7 exam.

It’s why this is a key part of our powerful and proven structured study plans – you learn by doing the doing and we will guide you through weekly exam style questions ensuring that you not only have the knowledge but you know how to interpret the question being asked and then apply your answer the ‘CII’ way.


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