Pension Flexibility

Member Update: Pension Flexibility notes updated

Your study module on the new pension flexibility rules post-6 April 2015 has been updated. Your comprehensive set of essential and in-depth technical notes on the new pension flexibility rules compiled from 100’s of hours of research and working with the pension best brains in the UK have been updated in preparation of the new […]

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Why Tax Free Cash will not be removed

Tax free cash from your clients pension pot will not be removed. But, whilst a flat-rate 30% tax relief does make a lot of sense to your BRT clients, it’s BAD news for HRT. Why? I’m going to show you exactly how TFC works and why a flat-rate 30% tax relief will make a lot […]

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3 unknowns about pension flexibility

I make it 7 weeks until 6 April and we are still awaiting final guidance on the IHT position. Tread carefully with any conversations you are having in the run-up to 6 April, particularly in the IHT space when discussing pension flexibility. There are still 3 things about pension flexibility that could have a serious impact […]

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