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The Evolution of Learning

Growing up (in the eighties), Embracing the noughties (2000-2009), Caught in the Inbetweenies (2010-2012) and Terrified of the Teenies (2013-2019)? Growing up and learning in the eighties was a tough gig – I should know I was there and have experienced the sheer delights of: Not owning a mobile phone in my teenage years. I […]

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Love it or hate it learning is part of how we develop, grow and progress. Almost everything we do will be as a result of learning something. What are your past memories of learning – do you associate learning with a positive or negative experience? This can ultimately have an impact on how you view […]

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Contingent charging: The devil and the deep blue sea

The budding PTS population with an eye on current affairs will be aware of the sharp regulatory focus that currently surrounds contingent charging. For the uninitiated, a contingent charge is one where the adviser is only remunerated, or only fully remunerated, if the proposed transfer goes ahead. The adviser’s fee is therefore ‘contingent’ on the […]

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