“Why do I need a triage service?”

The FCA have provided rules and guidance that, as a non-advised service, triage should be an educational process so that consumers can decide whether to proceed to regulated advice.

The recent CP19/25 reiterates that triage should be achieved by providing factual, balanced information on the advantages and disadvantages of pension transfers, and the requirement to obtain advice.

Above all educating clients and ensuring they have the correct knowledge to determine whether pension transfer advice is an option for them should be a part of all advisers and companies best practice and process.

Triage should be educational and provide generic, balanced information on the advantages and disadvantages of a pension transfer and is an important process to prevent consumers from paying advice charges unnecessarily.

“What is Expert Pensions triage Service?”

It’s unbiased, educational guidance. The client decides whether to come back or not when he knows the difference between a DB Final Salary pension and a DC personal pension.

24/7 access for clients in comfort of their own home. It’s unbiased, online and can be accessed anytime.

Not associated to any life office or advisory business. It’s complex pensions in picture form. It covers all aspects, without bias.

Guidance, NOT advice
This can’t be advice. It’s video. It is generic. It’s education.

Evidence of understanding is proven by passing the quiz and evidence is on file with the certificate. We are the ONLY triage service offering this facility. This is YOUR evidence of ”Informed Consent”

We track everything behind the scenes. Everything. We know when your clients watched each video and we report when they complete the course AND pass the quiz.

The complete process is recorded. Everything. Each step. Every completed video and quiz. It is compliance gold and is a file-note of evidence of understanding.

This is a direct quote from the FCA: “This is likely to be in firms’ interests in case of future complaints”. It is worth taking note of a word from the wise.

Your client will have access to the EP Calculate Cashflow modelling tool within their Triage course. They can test various retirement scenarios with quality visual calculations.

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