Structured CPD…the Expert Pensions way

Drawdown, death benefits and retirement income investment portfolios are all carefully examined. This is essential viewing for any drawdown focused adviser.

The following modules are included:
• History of Drawdown
• Capped Drawdown: Overview
• Capped Drawdown: Reference Periods
• Capped Drawdown: Calculating the GAD Basis Amount
• Capped Drawdown: Recalculation of Drawdown
• Flexi-Access Drawdown: Death Benefits
• Short-Term Annuities
• APTA: Advantages of Drawdown
• APTA: Risks and Disadvantages of Drawdown
• Introduction to CIPs
• Ratio Analysis
• Advised Investment Portfolios
• Managed Investment Portfolios
• Income Funds
• Discretionary Investment Management
• Covered Call Options
• Sequencing Risk and Reverse Pound-Cost Averaging
• Smoothed Funds
• Using Smoothed Funds within an RIP

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