This is a note about the April 2015 AF5 case study.
It’s directed primarily at our AF5 exam students awaiting the case study analysis and delegates on the forth coming workshops.

All is in hand.

We’ve started working on the analysis for the April 2015 AF5 exam.

As planned there will be an initial video review tomorrow night (Sunday) going through our initial thoughts and highlighting key areas and client objectives.
The first thing is to get the client objectives nailed and we’ll be issuing details about those tomorrow.

The first impression of the fact find is that there is a lot going on. It’s not that complex, but there is a lot of potential areas of questioning – background reading is going to be important across a wide selection of areas; tax, trusts, pensions and investments.

For the first time ever in the AF5 exam, long-term-care (LTC) has been placed directly into the fact-find.

We’ll be back tomorrow with our initial thoughts, but it’s safe to say that we will have both a full case study analysis and full compendium of background reading (taken from our AF1, AF3 and AF4 course study notes) ready for you by Wednesday 1 April – with a view to going through it all in detail at our Thursday workshop in Milton Keynes. We’ll also be issuing daily updates and video tutorials on specific subjects starting tomorrow/Monday morning.

For all our students who have already seen the case study and are starting to get into it this weekend, please post all your questions on the forum (members only) and Dave and myself will answer them directly.