Time to get started on the road to the AF5 exam on 13 April 2016.
AF5 Task 1: October 2015, to be precise.

Only by practising your skill at application and writing precise, concise, accurate, personal and appropriate answers to all tasks (there are 8 tasks, 1-8) in the AF5 exam, will we truly understand whether we are able to take our knowledge and understanding and apply it, in a way which will get us marks in the exam.

In your structured study plan for the AF5 exam, each module (1 to 8) goes through the technique and examples of good practise, for each task.

We’re going to start by applying all our learning from these modules into last October’s exam, as practice for the real thing, starting with AF5 Task 1: October 2015

You’ll find the AF5 October 2015 QP and factfind in your AF5 forum.
You will then apply your knowledge of the techniques required in Task 1 and send in an email with your written answers (not typed, written only).
We’ll mark it, with feedback, to you individually (once you have gone through module 1, of course).

That is task 1. It’s time to get started…..

To provide you with the best benefit, we need to see YOUR work; in writing, showing YOUR formatting, structure and application of all your understanding and knowledge. We need to see it in action: Precise, concise, personal, structured.

Over to you. You’ll find more details in the AF5 forum.

Each week, until the case study, we’ll do a task from the October 2015 QP and go through it with you, personally; individual feedback.

If that makes sense – crack on; if it doesn’t drop me a line in the forum.

Have a great week.