Congratulations on booking yourself on to the AF5 exam for October 2015.
Chartered Financial Planner status awaits you; Chartered Financial Planner sounds good and is good. It’s the top of your game.

What do you do now?

  1. Sit back and hope the case study is kind and do nothing?
  2. Prepare for the case study and do something about it now?

Will you wait and take your chances or start preparing now?
Which camp are you in?

Do you have a good understanding of what the CII are looking for from the eight tasks?
Do you know the key words and phrases that make the difference between points and prizes?

What can you do right now to ensure you are in the right place for your AF5 exam case study?

  • Ensure you complete each of the eight modules on each of the eight exam tasks
  • Understand the technique required for each task
  • Understand the technique required for each task and how critical each single word and phrase is to your answer

That is a critical and important first step.

Secondly, time waits for no man and is moving on fast as we get closer to the release of the case study on 25th September.
Along with help from my friends John and Cris @EPL HQ, we will all be analysing the case study in detail, in readiness for the workshops in Bathgate and Milton Keynes.

Our third part is a specially compiled and selected range of technical reference material focusing on the key topics from the case study and all drawn from our AF1 tax planning, AF4 investment planning or AF3 pension planning exam study guides for 2015/16. These are up-to-date and at the right level: level 6. All the necessary learning from these courses, specifically focused on your case study will be made available at the same time as your case study analysis.

That’s 3 key parts to our approach to the AF5 exam conundrum:

1. Ensure you complete each online module on the eight exam task techniques
2. Prepare to receive your case study analysis
3. Use the specifically selected L6 tax, investment and pension study notes alongside your case study analysis

If you’d like help in bringing all of this together, join us on one of our two workshops.
82% of students last time got it right by following this guidance

Look forward to seeing you in Bathgate and Milton Keynes.


[box title=”You can try Module 1 and take a look right now” bg_color=”#f7941e” align=”center” text_color=”#ffffff”]Try module 1 and have a look at our analysis from April 2015. We’ll tell you what you have to study. It works; 82% passed in April 2015 and 100% passed in April 2014.

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