AF5 case study analysis for April 2016 exam
We’ve now finished our case study analysis and it’s available: NOW

BOTH the Analysis AND 60+pages of TECHNICAL background reading/support is NOW available.

It’s available for immediate download and has also been added into your Structured
Study Plan for the AF5 exam (members only); it is sitting beside our previous analysis of past exams and tutorials on exam technique.

Download it here

BOTH documents can now be downloaded immediately.

It is a comprehensive document. It is totally focused on making sure you are making the best use of your time over the next 2 weeks.
It is deliberately designed to be closely aligned with what to expect on the day of the exam on 13 April; task-by-task.

It starts with the client objectives; we’ve outlined an educated assessment of the expected tasks 1-8.
With a number of possible alternatives (as you’d expect – we want every base covered).

They are all aligned with suggested/possible options for model answers on investment, tax and pension advice.

You can confidently expect that 80%+ of the marks in your exam will be covered by this analysis.

It’s what we’ve been doing for the last 10 years since the exam started in 2007.

The real AF5 fun (for you!) starts here.
You’ve plenty to read over the next fortnight, just on the case study analysis alone…

…but, we’ve got more; 60+ pages of technical background reading to go with the analysis.
[This will be issued later on Thursday 31 March when fully completed – we’re trying to get things out to you as soon as we can for your maximum preparation time]

Need more help?
You could take advantage of our expert tutoring on the workshops and question every diagram, date or formulae in the case study analysis; test your ability to apply your learning in a way which is going to get you marks in the exam and share your thoughts with others going through the same pain:

We have spaces available on BOTH the MK workshop on Monday 4 April and in Scotland (Bathgate) on Tuesday 5 April.

But, of course, you have all the facilities on the forum to share your insight, your thoughts and your input.

All the best for now – and keep in touch.

Dave and John