Has the AF3 exam just crept up on you?

You’ve got 4 weeks until the AF3 exam. The AF3 exam is 4 weeks today.
You are reading this because the studying hasn’t gone to plan.

Business at record levels; AF3 studying out the window, business comes first
Client meetings; not enough time for AF3 workshops
Pension flexibility; more important than AF3 exam, isn’t it?
Be easier next time; really?

I issued this a while back and most of it is still relevant.

If you have ticked any of the above boxes, I’d start revising in this order:

1. AA and contributions (15 marks)
2. CETV/TVAS (30 marks)
3. Pension income options [capped drawdown] (25 marks)
4. IP14 (20 marks)
5. TFC (10 marks)
6. FP12/14 (15 marks)

You’ve still got a chance.

Video tutorial: AF3 exam in 6 pictures and 6 modules