Reasons for AF7

1. There are 7 modules in AF7 and 10 modules in AF3. The AF7 exam is very accessible, its 2 hours long and has a 60% pass mark. I think more than 31% will pass it on this first sitting, so get in quick.

2. The exam is on the 10th of October at 2 pm, which means you can sit both the AF3 and the AF7 on the same day. You can ‘double- bubble’ your studies and get 50 credits for the same work (if you are planning on sitting the AF3 to get the gold badge).

3. The exam is an integral part of the AF3 course: you can do them both at the same time and not have to even think about it. You have two more opportunities to do just that- AF3 is going to be here for October 2017 and April 2018.

4. The AF7 in two parts: 4 short answer questions and 2 pension transfer advice case studies. We have added two new modules and revamped the whole course to adapt it to be future-proofed for advisers giving advice on occupational pension transfers.

5. One cost covers everything you need to obtain the CII Pension Transfer Certificate. Our AF7 course includes all your R0 materials. In fact if you are studying (new and existing) for the AF3 exam you will get AF7 materials included.

6. There are 10 reasons to choose Expert Pensions – click here to see these. The main one being that we’ll be studying, sitting and passing the AF7 exam with you.

7. It is a must for practicing PTS advisers and aspiring PTS advisers; whether you are a competent PTS or want to become one, this exam is all about your ability to give advice on complex pension transfers. Its a no-brainer for all those who pride themselves in keeping up-to-date and want to be part of the future.

This will ALL be ready for you on the 1st of June.