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The AF5 exam support for April 2017

AF5 exam study support for April 2017

We’ll be releasing our full structured study plan for the April 2017 AF5 exam on 23 January 2017.

I’ve been teaching this exam since 2008 and can tell you a few stories about this exam.

What I know, is that the structured study plan with EP, with our case study analysis and a 1 day workshop gave you an 85%+ chance of a pass in the October 2016 exam (85.71%, in fact).

We’ve got the AF5 nailed – and it’ll stand up against anything.

Our consistent performance level is above 80% pass rate.

We know what it takes to pass this exam.

Our workshop package is unbeatable; it’s the BEST value and most successful support package for AF5 in the UK. Nothing comes close to it.
We offer a 1 day workshop, an online structured study plan describing every task and a full case study analysis AND technical documents from our AF courses to support the specialist learning, depending on the case study.

The first AF5 workshop will be on Friday 24 March in Milton Keynes – and we might even have another one on the Saturday 25 March.

There is nothing which comes close on expertise, support or value.

The final details will be released until 23 January.

Get yourself a kitkat.

You will have plenty time to get into this and prepare yourself for Chartered – more on our support and the introductory webinar on Monday 23 January….

12 thoughts on “5 tips for calculating annual allowance

  1. Great article, I was thinking along these lines as well.

    One question though, is it possible to pass AF5 without having done AF1 or AF2, just AF3 and AF4?

    Would there not be quite large knowledge gaps?


  2. Yes it is possible, if you understand the AF5 exam.

    1. Thanks John

  3. I was braced to buy into your full AF3 package (starting in Jan 17) but the changes have got me thinking. Shorter term, I want to be able to transact pension transfers (sooner rather than later actually); longer term, I want to get to Chartered but no huge rush.

    Diploma is all in place (incl R04 and R08), also PMI Auto Enrolment exam.

    Should I just crack on as planned or hold off for the new exam in July……

    It would be unfair to ask you for an answer but what factors should shape my decision making?

  4. Graham,

    If I was you – I’d maybe try the AF3 in April? It’ll be great prep for the AF7….and even when you pass the AF3 in April, I know you’ll want to have a go at the AF7?

    Buy a package that gives you access to AF3 and AF7 over 12 months?
    Who’ll be doing that come 1 December 2016?

  5. Come back and see us on 1 December for a look at the options.
    But, seriously, if the permissions is what you are after – then get started asap; don’t think sitting AF7 means you’ll pass?

    Start getting prepared asap.
    2017 = pension permissions and sooner rather than later, means giving AF3 a shot, with AF7 on the horizon ….

  6. Thanks John. Okay count me in, I shall be in touch on 1 December.

  7. As ever, John’s encouraging comments to help Graham were spot on: likewise the resulting good intent of Graham.

    Too little supply by advisers, too great a demand and good advice needed out there for DB holders means many a financial planner should up their game and cease the opportunity to help the public while the going is good.

  8. Do I have time to register and sit AF3 by the April Deadline?

    1. Very unlikely – not impossible, but a lot of work.

  9. Hi John

    I am Diploma level 4 but want to get licenced for pension transfers and to be honest understand them better too. What single exam could I take to do this through the IFS or should I take a combination or wait until 2018 exams set up?

  10. Neil, you can do this through the iFS AwPETR exam ….but, that is now closed for June – next exam is December.

    The AF7 in October (CII) is the next chance..

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