It’s nearly squeaky bum time….



2 December

1 week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10,079 minutes and change will happen.

For those qualifying as Chartered it will be a proud moment. It will be a relief and a pleasure: a new future as a recognised, professionally qualified and Chartered Financial Planner.
You are prepared for the future.

You have future-proofed your career.

For those on the journey, it will be a an important milestone. Another one, or the first one in the bag. Well done.
You might even have landed the AF3 monster: very, very well done.

Jings and help ma boab! Stop!

Jingle jingle squeak squeak – you will have to control yourself, your nerves and your CII PIN number for another week.
One week to go and we’ll all find out what the CII SantAF has brought us all; tears or triumph await.

Squeak squeak….see you here next week.

Portrait of a worried IFA with his CII PIN number to hand