Your Study Schedule for July…

Here’s the study schedule for the next 3 weeks…

Monday 11 July : Module 2 released
[The model answers for the assignments are released (with video tutorial explanations in AF3 and AF4];

Monday 18 July : Module 3 released;
Monday 25 July : Holiday/catch-up week.

That gives everyone a chance to catch-up, all of us to get used to the new structure and embed the learning so far
That’ll be three big modules done by end of July.

August will be busy
At that stage I’ll release ALL modules 1-10; the full course will be made available and will be scheduled as:
Monday 1 August : Module 4
Monday 8 August : Module 5
Monday 15 August : Module 6
Monday 22 August : Module 7

Then, we’ll have our second and last ‘free’ week:
Monday 29 August (Bank Holiday week); that will be a week to catch-up on what happened in August (or the beach..). After that it’s full steam to the exam.

Go an have a look at the module 1 assignment questions/answers (and video tutorials), revise your answers and get cracking on module 2.

Have a great week.