How does it all work?

It’s been a busy start to the year and I know that there are a few of you working out how to get the best from all the support available.

It can be tricky working out where to begin and what to do!?

Look no further, I’ve put together a video which will help understand how the structured study plans are constructed, what support is available, what order to use them and where to find everything under your own account details; this is a video explaining how it all works….grab a coffee and have a good look:

And here is our schedule (example deadlines for AF3, AF4 and AF1 equally apply):

Armed with these two things, the rest is history..

Have a great week.

AF3 and AF4 Module 1 Week 1 Question videos have been added to the module 1; week 1 and is immediately accessible. I’ve also added them to the forum for easy access this week