11 days of Christmas

It’s done.

The 6 months of pain, sweat and tears which started back in June, all there in one milli-second.

The early results are showing that these exams have never been more difficult; they are not getting any easier and I expect that trend to continue.

You need your full wits about you to pass these exams and they must be treated with respect; being Chartered means something. It is very much worth having.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the little AF3 serial. I know that you are not defined by your exam success alone, but I also know how important this is to you. Its very important to me. I take every result personally.

And good news; our fairytale has a happy ending.

Christain passed his AF3; he followed the plan. He passed. I hope that will provide some encouragement for those looking forward to 5 January 2016 and the start of a new study session.

To all our students, we wish you well. We wish your exam god to be with you today, for your next and for all your future exams and wish every one of you every success in the future.

We wish for a Christmas fairytale ending for everyone of you.

…we’ll be back for a new structured study plan adventure on 5 January 2016 (more of that later once we get through today)…