11 days of Christmas AF3..day 9

AF3 day

The big day! I was very nervous, not helped by a text from a certain Mrs A – “Don’t let me down!”. No pressure then!

Due to the limited time I had for revision, I had only looked at two past papers on the Sunday before the exam and read the model answer, I hadn’t actually had time to practise doing them, let alone under timed conditions. Not ideal…

Opening the exam paper, I read the LONG first case study – panic! Why was it so long? They are normally just a page! However, reading through the first set of questions, I calmed down – I can do these. And a 9 mark UFPLS question? Perfect! Two pages of calculations, but rather perversely I enjoy doing big calculations like that!

Question two – one or two questions I’m not sure I can pick up all the marks on, but 90% I’m comfortable with.

Question three – AE…not my favourite subject but it could have been worse. Due to my slightly odd revision pattern, I had read the essential notes on AE twice, and the chapters in R04 and J05.

I don’t want to say I’ve passed the exam, because I’ll look like a fool if I don’t, but I feel extremely happy with how the exam went. It was the most confident I have felt leaving an exam in a very long time…possibly ever! Even if I don’t pass, I’m very proud of what I achieved, how much I wrote and the level of detail I could think in throughout the exam, and that’s a lot to do with the study support and plan suggested by you, John.

I can imagine you felt awful seeing the AF3 paper, especially after the ‘throw it into the fire’ comment, but realistically, any adviser should have a basic understanding of AE, so they should have been able to pick up some marks. I know I didn’t have a perfect knowledge, but I will have picked up a fair few marks.

Overall, this has been an amazing revision package. To get to an equivalent level of knowledge using the CII textbooks, analysing the past papers to work out where to revise, writing notes that actually make sense, I estimate I would need 4-5 months at least. Instead, in just over 7 weeks, I have managed to gain sufficient knowledge to confidently sit what is probably the most difficult finance exam the CII offer. Pretty impressive…even if I say so myself..

There is one downside though – this has made my future exams a bit more expensive as I will be back for more!

..day 10 continues tomorrow…