11 days of Christmas AF3…day 7

....continued from day 6 and into the home straight…

(note from editor: remember, I don’t know what happens on Friday [day 11]….)

…..now on too the exams….and, of course, I did the ‘double-bubble’ and sat J05 on Monday morning. Having only briefly glanced at a J05 past paper to see the structure of 15 questions, I didn’t really know what to expect. The exam went ok, apart from the Financial Assistance Scheme question.

Your final webinar (although I’m not sure you’ll want to be reminded of it!) was the best of them all. The little table with the EP and FP sisters being percentages and PP and IP brothers using 1.5/SLA @ BCE finally made the transitional protection click – this is what I’d been struggling with, and couldn’t work out from the notes or textbooks exactly how to assess previous BCEs. I think it would be helpful to have a summary page at the end of chapter 3 with a comparison table of EP, PP, FP and IP showing the different factors/calculations you need to take into consideration for each and how they compare.

(ed: Will be done for January update)

Mock paper 3 went far better, and using my knowledge from the previous two mocks, I did pretty well. I revisited the first two questions of mock papers 1 and 2 to check I understood where I had gone wrong originally. By this point it was Tuesday night, just 12 hours to go until the exam!….

continued tomorrow….