11 days of Christmas AF3…day 3

…continued from part 2

” There are some modules with a lot of videos, and it wasn’t really clear to me whether it was worth watching the 14/15 videos, particularly as there has been such a significant rule change this year.  This might be something worth considering, to make clear whether they are relevant to the current exam or whether they are just there for reference material.

(editor: noted – it’s on our list of things to do)

Then the module quizzes…which were both brilliant and awful at the same time.  I say awful as doing the first one was more stressful than the AF3 exam itself!  I had a feeling you would be checking my results and would find out if I didn’t do too well, and so I was determined to get 80%+ on my first attempt.  I think I finished the module 1 quiz with about 10 seconds to spare, having been frantically hammering a calculation out on my calculator and getting it wrong several times due to the pressure of watching the clock tick down!  Getting the joint highest result on the first quiz was quite a confidence boost, and I was disappointed that you didn’t have score boards on all the module quizzes – I’m very competitive!

Some of the questions has small errors/typos in them, some of which made me select the wrong answer.  For example, one question asked about the SSTFC formula, and the first part of the formula had something like ‘A day TFC x 1.8/1.5’.  A later question on the same module just had ‘TFC x 1.8/1.5’ – I thought this was a CII style trick question, and the missing ‘A day’ before TFC meant that it wasn’t the correct answer.   Module 6 also didn’t seem to have a timer.

They were a fantastic way to check my knowledge, and the time limit was just right, giving just enough time to complete the questions but short enough to put some pressure on.  I did panic when I saw 50 questions in 20 minutes on the AE module though (although see later…..it did come in handy for the actual exam itself)!!!


part 4 (of 11 days of Christmas AF3) is back tomorrow…