11 days of Christmas AF3…day 2

continued from day 1; part 2

Structured Study Plan

”…Two weeks to AF3 day (it’s like A day but more scary), and I was starting to feel the pressure.

I upgraded to the full structured study plan; I was really excited to see what other support you offered. I have to say I was blown away by the volume and quality of videos on the site.

Personally I preferred the webinar videos with you presenting and writing on the whiteboard, as opposed to just watching a screen you are writing on, although that may be due to the webinars being focussed on areas other members are struggling to understand, so they may have just seemed more relevant to my learning.

A little tip – you offer free access to module 1 through your website, and you had technical difficulties at the start of the webinar.  The first 20 or so minutes are you trying to work out how the new software worked – you should edit this video to cut that section out as it doesn’t give the right first impression of the webinars which are all excellent….

(editor: been done)

It was only following the Module 3 videos that transitional protection, and particularly IP14, finally clicked, and I finally understood what was going on.  I’m not sure which bit I struggled with, but the videos really helped, as did your diagrams.  ‘A picture says a thousand words’, or in this case, a full chapter of a textbook, and they really helped consolidate the revision I had done previously.

I had also misunderstood the pension credit LTA enhancement until I watched the video – I’m not sure how I thought it worked but it was nowhere near the correct method!”


continued in part 3….see you tomorrow.