AF5 October 2015 Case Study Analysis: LIVE webinar tonight

*Members Only*

You might have read this yesterday…it’s ready.
Our first draft of the October AF5 fact find is ready for all members. It’s in your October 2015 Case study analysis module.
It’s an interesting one, no doubts. And no doubts we’ll make a few tweaks over the next few days, but I wanted it out to you sooner, rather than later.

As we said earlier in the week, it absolutely follows recent exams in that it’s a continuous development to make this exam fit for purpose – it’s more real, more holistic and more level 6 financial planning across pensions, tax and investments. It’s getting close to where it should be, but that means it needs more from you.

More homework, more application and more thinking. It needs a more flexible approach to each task and each subject – and your strategy in the exam.

To help you along, we’ve a LIVE webinar tonight @6.30pm – and members only can register here:

We’ll be helping you all the way.
Keep in touch and join us tonight. The real AF5 fun starts here….you can start having a good look at this and formulating your strategy for the exam.

You’ve plenty to read over the next fortnight and the webinar will point you in the right direction.
Nearly 50 pages of analysis and 60 pages of combined AF1 (tax and trusts), AF3 (Pensions) and AF4 (Investment) study notes from our respective AF courses – just exactly the background materials you need to give you the best chance of passing (82% in April).