Week 8: Structured study plan for AF3 exam

I thought it would be useful to share this little video on salary exchange – it’s a nice little model and also clears up the confusion between salary sacrifice, relief at source and net pay arrangements. Useful in the AF3 exam and also very useful for those of you interested in using it (whilst it lasts….).

We’re at week 8 on the AF3 structured study plan, but you should have covered most of the key learns by now and really should be thinking about getting stuck into the questions.
Stop reading. Start doing.

Doing, Doing, Doing.

Don’t kid yourself. You can watch this video all day, but until you pick up a pen and try and explain it (in writing), you won’t know if you have learnt anything.

Have a great day.

I’ve added both the webinars (for both AF4 and AF3) into each module for the structured study plans.
All available for all members.