1 Day AF5 Exam Revision Workshops

Expert Pensions offers a comprehensive support package for the AF5 exam consisting of an integrated online video tutorial course explaining the exam technique for each task (1-8) in the AF5 exam, comprehensive case study analysis support (with level 6 technical study materials supporting the technical issues identified in the case study) and a 1 day AF5 revision workshop to prepare you for the exam…and the case study released next week.

The 1 day AF5 exam support comes with:

1. Essential Study Notes/analysis
Our technical team will analyse the case study and come up with two things:
a) Suggested answers for tasks 1-8
b) Technical background notes to support the solutions in tasks 1-8

2. Structured Study Plan (12 months access)
ALL of the above plus…
c) Previous analysis of case studies
d) Previous examiner marking schedules
e) Video tutorials on each task explaining the techniques needed for each specific task
f) A forum to share Q&A
g) Further video tutorials on the case study

3. Workshop
ALL of the above and
h) Face-to-face tutor going through everything from above specifically in relation to the April case study and bringing it alive
i) Practice and instant feedback on students, practice answers about what works and what doesn’t in the exam
This offers the best value workshop that we do – truly unbelievable support.

You will get every chance to take advantage from our expert tutoring, question every diagram, date or formulae in the case study analysis; then test your ability to apply your learning into practice on the workshop with mock exam questions. Nothing is left to chance with the AF5 and our pass rates prove it.

There is nothing like a tutorial workshop to explain how your case study analysis is all joined up. And you will get a full and comprehensive set of study notes to go with your case study analysis to plug any gaps in your knowledge; all at level 6 and all from our associated AF study courses.

These 1 day workshops are being held in either Milton Keynes at the Kents Hill Training and Conference centre (on 1st or 4th April) or Bathgate, Scotland on 5th April.

We have taught AF5 since 2008 and managed 100s of advisers successfully through AF5 to chartered status. We are full-time professional training consultants with a system and support package that gets results in the AF5 exam – 82% in April 2015, 100% in April 2014 and an average pass rate of over 75%.